“Fairy’s First Flight” is a beautiful musical story that tells the tale of how the simple act of believing in someone can change their life and impact others. The story is told in the most unique way: through a series of five songs that supports and coincides with the story/narration. Included in the book, aside from beautiful original illustrations, is sheet music for the beginning to intermediate cellist and cello fairy apprentices, to play along with.

The story begins with the first musical piece: “Fairy’s First Flight”. From a simple act by The Painter, who draws a mirror for The Cello Fairy to see her own reflection, she gains confidence and finds joy just by being herself. In the second musical piece, she and The Painter find a scruffy dog who needs their help! They pass on “The Key” to him, forming another friendship through love, compassion and a genuine belief in him. Subsequently in “Spanish Breeze”, the third musical piece, they enjoy each other’s company, traveling as a trio, experiencing adventures in another land as friends, where they soon meet an angry Ogre in “The Storm”. See what happens when they share something special with the Ogre, before enjoying the final musical piece “Friends Forever”.

The text was written to coincide with the music, so each section will read a bit differently. The story was written for but not limited to young cellists/musicians to find engaging, while educational, and to create interest in more complex music, giving parents more options for their children’s learning and enjoyment. Studies have shown that even just listening to orchestral/classical music, impacts and engages the brain in profound ways, similar to learning a new language. While the book is a wonderful visual with a heartwarming story and beautiful message, it is also meant as a holistic resource to engage readers more in depth, expand listening preferences, improve cognition, spark interest in playing an instrument like the cello, and ultimately, enjoy a heartwarming story about the power of believing in someone.

Readers can enjoy the book, listen to the music via the QR code located on the back of the book, or both! The EP can also be purchased separately. Story written, narrated and performed by Lisa Fairey aka The Cello Fairy.

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